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What do the terms “streak” and “streak max” mean?

A winning streak means the number of consecutive games won. The streak max is the maximum streak you’ve managed to reach.

I’ve upgraded to nummi 3.x en now the ads are back while I’m a premium user :(

Please try the following:

iOS: First of all try to restart nummi by pressing the home button twice, long-pressing the nummi icon and finally pressing the minus-sign to close the app. Launch nummi and see if the ads are gone. If this did not work, make the in-app purchase again with the same iTunes account as you used before. You won’t be charged again, and you’ll see the message: “You’ve already purchased this. Tap OK to download it again for free.”.

Android: First of all try to restart nummi: Settings > Apps > nummi > Force close. Then launch nummi again and see if the ads are gone. If this did not work check whether you can restore the purchase within nummi. Go to Options > Become premium member. If the first button says “restore purchase”, click it. Otherwise, contact

What are the controls in the game view?

[iOS] I’m trying to install nummi but I get the message “This app is incompatible with this iPhone/iPad” (NL: “Deze app is niet beschikbaar voor iPhone/iPad”)

The iOS version installed on your device is not high enough for nummi. Currently we only support devices with iOS 5.0 and higher. Please update your device to the latest iOS version.

What do the numbers mean behind the usernames of my friends?

These numbers are the rankings we are keeping track of. The first column indicates the number of wins by that user, the second column the number of losses, the third column is the current winning streak and the last column is the highest winning streak that user ever got. You can sort your friends on these rankings by clicking on the column name on top of the list.

I’ve reset my password, but I can’t find my new password?

We’ve mailed you your new password. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. It might take some minutes before the email arrives.

I have bought the inApp purchase to remove the ads on my iPhone. But on my iPad they are still there!

Please buy the inApp purchase again on your iPad with the same iTunes account as you used on your iPhone. You won’t be charged again, and you’ll see the message: “You’ve already purchased this. Tap OK to download it again for free.”.

How can I delete a game?

Ended games will be deleted automatically within 48 hours. You can swipe the game to remove the game (iOS) or long press (Android) the game to remove it.

I keep getting the error message: “invalid move”, what is wrong?

There are a few possibilities. The most likely scenario is that you’ve created (a) invalid sequence(s). Remember that they must contain at least 3 tiles. Another possibility is that you didn’t add a new tile on the table. In this case, you’ll have to pass. If neither of this is the case, please try to reset the game by using the “refresh” button and try again. If this doesn’t fix it, please send us a screenshot and a description of your moves.

I can see that there are more tiles on my rack, but how can I expand the rack?

The rack can be expanded in two ways: by tapping it, or by dragging the rack up.

The board is a mess, I would like to move entire sequences! Is this possible?

Yes: this is possible. Press and hold the sequence you would like to move until it lights up. The sequence can now be dragged all over the screen.

I’ve created correct sequences but still my move isn’t accepted. How can this be?

Maybe you are not yet allowed to: before you can edit the sequences on the table you will need to collect thirty points by creating new sequences with tiles from your rack.

I can’t make a move or create a new sequence. What do I do?

You’ll have to pick a tile from the stack (pass).

I would like to zoom in!

You can do this by using the pinch gesture on the board.