Be the first to empty
your rack

Available for Android and iOS



The first player to empty his/her rack is the winner.

Initial meld

In the first phase of the game a player has to play a number of valid sequences with tiles from his/her own rack which add up to 30 or more points. At this stage one cannot alter the sequences already present on the board. The jokers count as the value they represent. In the turns after the initial meld the player is allowed to modify other sequences.


There are 2 types of sequences, first a run, which is an ascending sequence of tiles of the same color. The second type is a group, where four different colored tiles with the same number can be grouped together. A sequence contains at least 3 tiles.

Game play

All modifications of sequences are possible after the initial meld, the only requirements are that all sequences should be valid and you should use at least one of your tiles. If you can’t put a tile on the board you should pass, this means you’ll pick a tile from the stack and end your turn.

Number of players

nummi can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players.